Ladder Options is a new, innovative and extremely profitable way to trade binary options, where traders can receive up to a 1500% profit in as little as 30 minutes.  Ladder Options incorporates the classic binary options, call/put method of trading, while offering traders five differing opportunities within an asset, for traders to predict the degree of market movement on, that is similar to rungs on a ladder, hence the name. 

Ladder Options

The trader decides if the asset price will finish over or under the preset price level at the time of trade expiration. For instance, the trader is given five strike prices that each have a prearranged payout. After that the trader has the choice to select an option that is currently in the money for a less risky selection and also a safer trade, or select an option that is out of the money with a greater risk but also much greater reward of up to an industry leading 1500%.

With so many different options to choose from as well as industry leading payouts, it’s no wonder why Ladder Options is such a common form of trading on